10 Unique Promotional Products to Help Your Business Stand Out

Are you ready to take your marketing game to the next level? 

At Uth Stuph, we know a thing or two about making a lasting impression. We’ve been helping companies and organizations make them for over 25 years! That’s why we’ve put together this fantastic list of 10 unique promotional products that will make your business stand out at conventions or events and wow your potential clients.

1. Custom Tote Bags

Say goodbye to boring old plastic bags and hello to stylish custom tote bags! They’re not only eco-friendly but also incredibly useful. Add your logo or a catchy slogan, and your potential clients will proudly carry your brand wherever they go.

2. Funky Shoes

(Yes, we mean Crocs…) Who said promotional products had to be all serious? Cool shoes are a fantastic way to inject some fun into your marketing efforts. Put your logo on colorful shoes, Crocs, or even Croc charms, and you’ll have everyone stepping to the beat of your brand!

3. Trendy Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is essential, and everyone loves a trendy water bottle. Branded with your logo, these bottles will become a staple in your clients’ everyday lives, reminding them of your fantastic company.

4. Custom Phone Grips

In a world where everyone is glued to their phones, a custom phone grip is a promotional product that’s both practical and trendy. Clients will appreciate the added convenience, and your logo will always be at their fingertips.

5. Eco-Friendly Notebooks

Show your clients you care about the environment with eco-friendly notebooks. These stylish and sustainable goodies are perfect for jotting down ideas and making sure your brand is always top of mind.

6. Reusable Straws

With the world becoming more conscious about plastic waste, reusable straws have become the talk of the town. Add your logo to these nifty little gadgets, and you’ll be sipping on success!

7. Custom Buttons

Who doesn’t love buttons? They’re small, affordable, and incredibly versatile. Create fun and eye-catching buttons with your brand logo or message, and watch them show up in unexpected places.

8. Personalized Tech Accessories

Upgrade your potential clients’ workspaces with personalized tech accessories. From flash drives to backpacks, people are constantly on the go for work. Consider giving away branded backpacks to your company so you look unified while away at conferences or work trips. Want to impress people out at trade shows? Give away things like screen cleaners or camera covers; these are practical ways you can make an impact on potential customers. 

9. Hats

Hear us out – if you do custom bucket hats (especially if your group is male-heavy), you’re set up for instant success. Hats of all shapes and sizes appeal to people, and they’re some of the most functional branded items you could possibly get. 

10. Printed T-Shirts

Last but not least, you can’t forget about the classic printed t-shirt. A well-designed, high-quality tee with your logo or a catchy design will always be a hit. People love wearing comfortable shirts that also showcase a cool brand.

Remember, promotional products are not only about advertising; they’re also about creating a positive association with your brand. Using a partner like Uth Stuph can help you bring your designs (and storefront) to life! We’ve got the tools to get you to the finish line! Get started with a free quote from our team.