25 Years: 25 Ways to Celebrate with 25 Giveaways

The year is 1996. In the movies, Will Smith saves the entire world from invading Aliens and Tom Cruise does his own stunts and hops off buildings. The internet screams “SkaawwwweeeeBERmerp” as it loads a single page of AOL Messenger. Everyone loves singing (and sobbing) to Celine Dion’s music. 

*crying just watching this gif*

And somewhere, in the middle of all of this glorious peak 1990s bliss, Uth Stuph formed. A simple company with a simple premise: printing quality shirts for youth ministry groups big and small. A couple of youth pastors ourselves, we started making the coolest shirts we could think of for other youth groups, all by hand. We sketched out the artwork and used iron-on heat transfers. And because of you, we’ve been able to grow into the company we are today!

This year, Uth Stuph turns 25. (Yep, we’re about to be kicked off our mom and dad’s insurance plan.) Yes, the big 2-5! It’s our birthday birth year! And you don’t even have to bring a present to this celebration. We’re bringing them to you!

For the entire year of 2021, we’ll be doing special giveaways on our Instagram on the 25th of each month. Follow Uth Stuph on Instagram for specific rules on each post on how to win:

  • Free Uth Stuph swag
  • Gift cards
  • Tote bags
  • Specialty books and resources
  • The pride of winning something over thousands of others 😉 

And be sure to keep a close eye on this blog for the latest Uth Stuph updates!