5 Ideas for a Fall Festival T-Shirt

Fall festivals are around the corner, which means everything from fall youth lock-ins to Trunk-R-Treats. No matter how you celebrate fall festivities, we’ve got some ideas for you and your group. 

Fall Shirts for the Spooky Souls

If your vibes are all things scary and horror-adjacent, we’ve got some cute ideas for your shirts! (Also, we bet you’re THRIVING right now!)


Witchy Vibes

Want a touch of “magic” to your shirts? Try a black shirt with a minimalist, elegant witch hat and broomstick design. Perfect for those who want a touch of magic in their Halloween ensemble.

Creepy Crawlies

This shirt pattern would only be for the bold. Test out a dark gray shirt adorned with intricately designed spiders and spider webs. You can also go grubbier and add in additional creepy crawlies. It’s perfect for the arachnid enthusiast in you!

Haunted Forest

Jack Skellington’s Halloween Town has nothing on this! Imagine a moonlit forest with silhouettes of gnarled trees. This eerie scene on a deep green shirt will give anyone chills — or at least cause them to do a double take for your group’s shirt. 

Ghoulish Grin

A shirt featuring a grinning skull with neon accents. Bold and spooky, perfect for a night out on the town during the Halloween season.

Pumpkin Patch Delight

A shirt splashed with vibrant orange pumpkins. Classic Halloween without the spook, bringing the essence of autumn to life.

Fall Shirts for the Not-So-Spooky Folks

But what if you’re not someone who celebrates the spookiness? Totally fine not to vibe with Halloween! Here are 5 not-so-spooky shirt suggestions that are perfect for any group! 

Autumn Adventure

A shirt with a beautiful fall landscape—trees in various shades of orange, yellow, and red. A subtle nod to the season without the scares.

Harvest Happiness

Try out a shirt showcasing a bountiful harvest – pumpkins, apples, and cornucopias. Celebrate the abundance of autumn in style.

Furry Friends of Fall

Fall means it’s time for woodland creatures! Racoons! Foxes! Squirrels! YAY!

An adorable shirt featuring cute woodland creatures like squirrels and foxes playing in a pile of leaves. Wholesome and delightful.

Hot Cocoa and Chill

Picture a shirt with steaming mugs of hot cocoa and marshmallows. Perfect for cozying up by the fire with a warm drink. As an added bonus, it’ll last you into winter!

Autumn Equinox

A shirt with a simple graphic of balanced scales, representing the balance between day and night during the autumn equinox. It can be elegant, down-to-nature and thought-provoking!

Whether you’re all about the spine-chilling spooks or the heartwarming fall vibes, there’s a shirt style for everyone to embrace the autumn season in their own unique way. So, pick your favorite design, and rock that fall look with confidence. And if you’re planning a fall youth retreat or want to get an idea for our fall ideas, be sure to check out our designs!