5 Reasons to Buy Custom Shirts for Your Group

why you should order custom shirts

Why Should I Order Custom Shirts?

We’re glad you’re asking! Here at Uth Stuph, we’ve come up with some important reasons your group should have custom shirts made. Keep reading to see what made it on our top 5 list!

1. Show Your Team Spirit.

When you have the same shirt as your group, it creates a sense of unity and empowerment. Show your team spirit by having custom T-shirts made to produce a feeling of belonging. As cliché as it sounds, team work really makes the dream work! And nothing makes you feel more like a team than matching, customized shirts.

2. Celebrate an Occasion!

Are you having a summer camp, family reunion, a church event, or a thrilling vacation? Custom shirts are a great way to amp up your excitement of this extraordinary event; they also make a great souvenir to mark something special in your life. Have your get-together in style by having custom shirts made to celebrate the occasion! Speaking of style…

3. Customize to Your Own Style.

One of the best things about ordering custom shirts is the ability to customize them to your own personal style. Pick your favorite colors, include your own logo, spread your message, and more. Here at Uth Stuph we have a very talented in-house design team eager to help you. You can call us at 1-800-242-9166 or email us at: sales@stuphclothing.com if you would like us to customize your shirts!

4. Promote the Cause (Or Your Company).

With customized shirts, you can brand your company or promote an important cause. What better way to reinforce your message by having a unique shirt made for the event? Whether it’s for a church group, business team, or school outing, promote where you are from and what you believe in.

5. Easily Identify Your Group Members.

A wonderful bonus of having custom shirts for your group is to easily identify your group members. Stay unified by sticking together and by quickly spotting any “lost sheep” that have wondered away from the flock. Stand out from the crowd in your custom shirts.


Ready to Order Your Custom Shirts?

Are you ready to order your custom shirts for your event? Uth Stuph offers quick 72-hour turnaround and real artists for a simple, easy process. If there’s anything we can do to help you, please email us or get a quote here. Happy customizing!


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Buy Custom Shirts for Your Group

  • It’s good to know that custom printed t-shirts can be a valuable souvenir to help you celebrate an occasion. My wife is looking for a way to spice up our family reunion, and custom t-shirts might be the perfect way for her to do that. I’ll pass this information along to her so that she can look further into her options.

  • That’s a good point that team t-shirts can make it really easy to find each other if you’re in a crowded venue. My team is planning on going to a comic convention together and we’ll need to keep track of each other. I’ll have to look into customizing some t-shirts for us. Maybe we can have some comic book characters included!

  • I like the idea of custom or matching shirts to identify your group throughout the crowd. My sister and her friends want to take a wester trip, and she worries because last trips she got lost and separated from her group. I will recommend her getting souvenir shirts from the town they visit to help her identify her group.

  • It’s awesome that team shirts can promote a sense of empowerment and a feeling of belonging. My mother-in-law is wanting to form a biking club and is wanting to promote a team spirit. I’d imagine that getting custom dri-fit clothing with a team name on it could help!

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