5 Things Youth Group Leaders Wished Their Kids Would Understand

Not to sound cheesy, but group leaders and youth ministers are special to us. We work with them day in and day out to make custom youth group shirts, and those shirts are connected to memories. Camp memories, events, winter retreats — they’re passionate about these events, and the shirts they design with us represent the care they show to their kids. So we wanted to put together some of our favorite things youth group leaders have said (or would likely say) about their ministries: 

“Your feedback means everything to us.”

Youth ministers are some of the bravest people in the church. Why? Because they get feedback from middle schoolers. Talk about a brutal audience. Teens and tweens rarely hold back, but this sort of open relationship is one that most youth ministers pride themselves on. Their kids feel comfortable with them enough to ask questions, challenge them, and make real connections. 

“Those gaming consoles are a trap to get you here on Wednesdays. Muahahahhaha.”

From Xbox to PS5s, whatever gets kids into a group worship setting works. We get it! It’s also a great tactic for your youth group to use to get new faces into the mix. Y’all know what you’re doing. 

“We want you to become leaders.”

Youth ministers see kids go from shy 6th graders up to skilled seniors. We love hearing from group leaders about their kids who’ve gone above and beyond with serving their fellow youth group members or taken charge on mission trips. 

“We genuinely love pizza. Seriously.”

Group leaders wouldn’t keep picking pizza parties if they didn’t also love pizza. Or they’ve invested in Dominos… Could go either way. 

“Those group shirts are how we keep you together at camp.”

We’re serious, the youth group kids always spread out. It’s like herding cats who rolled around in Axe Body Spray. Group shirts (as cheesy as you think they are) help group leaders out enormously. 

“You are so loved — by us, by your peers, and by God.” 

Youth ministers have a special place in our hearts because they take kids during the hardest years of their lives and love them the way Christ loves them: unconditionally. 

At Uth Stuph, we’ve had over 25 years of supporting youth ministers, group leaders, and camp ministries. We love seeing groups rock our shirts and hearing their stories from events. That’s why we do what we do! If you want to connect on a shirt, we’ll get you a quote