5k Race Shirts: Get the Scoop

What to Think About When Designing Your Custom 5k Race Shirt for Your Group

When your team decides to participate in a 5k, there is no better way to show team spirit than to have custom t-shirts made for the whole gang. Boost their spirit in a custom UthStuph t-shirt!

First, start out by creating a striking design with one of our in-house designers. We make eye catchy and trendy designs that your team will proudly wear and remember for years to come. There are plenty of ways to make your shirt memorable, like using tone-on-tone printing. This clever trick uses the same color for both the shirt and the message printed on top, creating the illusion the image is barely there. The WOW factor appears once the shirt darkens by getting wet (with water or perspiration) and shows your message a lot clearer. Here is an example of tone-on-tone printing:

custom 5k shirts

Speaking of sweating, most runners opt for a more breathable, lighter shirt, over heavier 100% cotton shirts. A 50/50 blend (made of cotton and polyester) can help keep you cooler while running. Wicking fabric is also an excellent choice, since this polyester absorbs very little water and helps draw moisture away from the body, evaporating easily to help you stay dry.

If you are in a cooler climate or expecting rainy conditions, maybe long sleeves are best. Keeping the season in mind, remember there are plenty of options to choose from such as: V-neck shirts, fitted tees, tank tops, even hoodies and sweatshirts.

If your team is ready to make the most out of your 5k shirts, Uth Stuph can help by designing yours today!