Appreciation Gifts and Apparel for Your Staff and Volunteers

appreciation gifts for staff and volunteers

This Christmas, it’s important to offer positive reinforcement and small tokens of appreciation to your loyal employees to show them that they are valued. Whether it is a simple thank you, a small note for a job well done, or customized swag for them to rock, taking the time to show them you care is vital this holiday season.

Here are some fun ideas for appreciation gifts this Christmas to say thank you to the people that make up your wonderful organization. Spread holiday cheer with these thoughtful gifts:

Customized Coffee Mug

In this chilly winter season, nothing beats a mug full of hot cocoa! (Yes, we’re based out of Florida and this is cold for us too LOL.) Brand your mug with your company logo and slogan, or think of a cute message paired together with a fun design. Some holiday designs for a Christmas mug can be the peppermint red and white lines, a snowman saying something clever, or even playful snowflakes with your team name.

Custom Group Tees & Apparel

Identify your employee’s qualities, skills, or traits by using descriptive words on apparel to show them how proud you are of your team. You can have encouraging sayings such as “Top Performers” or “ MVP” printed on shirts with your group name. Some ideas are T-shirts, dress shirts, polos, and fleece zips. Give your shirts some attitude by displaying an inspirational quote or bible verse. Everyone loves a nice, soft, and comfortable t-shirt they can wear for many years to come. Gifts like these will always leave a mark on a special occasion and bring back fond memories. You can see some customizable template designs here to give you an idea. 

Gift Cards or Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t love a gift card or gift baskets for Christmas? Gift baskets are a great DIY project if you want to customize each item specifically for each person to give it that added touch of personalization. Gift cards are great for college students on a budget! There is a wonderful array of different gift cards you can find online or in store that include: fine dining at a local restaurant, gift cards for online or major retailer stores, convenience stores, fast food, etc. An added bonus is that some cards come decorated nicely in Christmas designs and cheerful holiday colors.

Bagels & Donuts

Plan an appreciation get together for your team by bringing in some food yummies for your hard working team, such as bagels and donuts. This enjoyable treat can be for breakfast or lunch. Depending on your type of job and what your team is into, you can meet up at work, a coworker’s house, have an outside picnic at the park, or even at a bakery close by. Getting the team together to relax and chat instead of all work is a great team bonding experience. If “Secret Santa” is something everyone has agreed on and is excited to partake in, now would be a great time to exchange gifts!

Company Branded Swag

If you love where you work, you will gladly rock company gear and be proud to show it! Appreciation gifts for your team can include company branded tchotchkes that include: lanyards, key chains, water bottles, magnets, coasters, mouse pads, and of course a good tote or drawstring backpack. The list goes on and on.

If you are in need of branding some company swag for this holiday season, (like the coffee mug idea) or would like to make some team spirit Christmas apparel, give us a call at: 1-800-242-9166 and we would love to help out.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you give your staff, volunteers, or peers who work with you. It’s the fact that you took the time to stop and thank them for their contributions to the business or ministry that year. Let them know you appreciate all they do, and they in turn will appreciate working for a place like yours!