“Christian” Halloween: Do you celebrate Halloween?

Christians celebrate halloween

Every October, the spooky celebrations from last year get dusted off and the storefronts start displaying those hackling witches, cheeky pumpkins, and sticky cobwebs. Is Halloween something you celebrate as a Christian, or would you rather not partake? Read on to see the different views of Halloween and Christianity.

Halloween? Sure, bring it on!

A lot of Christians are aware that Halloween began as a pagan holiday. However, they use it as an opportunity for a fun time to dress up and have candy galore. People who are strongly rooted in the bible may find it easier to not fear the darkness, knowing that Christ has conquered death. For those Christians that participate in Halloween festivities, they believe as long as the costumes are innocent and the behavior they portray does not dishonor God, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of “mua-ha-ha-ha’s” and “ooooh what candy did you get, wanna trade?”

Halloween, with a twist!

There are many different alternatives a Christian can do on Halloween for those who don’t believe in it, but would like to participate in some way by doing something fun for the kids. A Halloween “Twist” is using this as an opportunity to spread the gospel. A neat idea is to dress up like someone from the bible. When asked who you are, it’s a great opportunity to explain a bible story to others. Another cool Halloween trick (pun intended) is to write bible verses on strips of paper and when you hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, you pass out these bible notes as well. Lastly, a fun “Twist” you can do for a youth group is to host a party at church or at a trusted parents house where you can control the content.

Absolutely Not

If you are against the celebration of Halloween, use it as a time to spread the gospel in any way you can. Some churches partake in Halloween alternatives such as “treating” the community by handing out food, blankets, and toiletries to the needy. Make sure you leave your porch light off on Halloween night if you wish not to be disturbed.

Whatever approach you decide to take for Halloween, just focus on providing a safe and fun environment regardless of whether you will celebrate it or not. If you need shirts made for your event, contact us at Uth Stuph by emailing sales@stuphclothing.com