Show Your Team Some Appreciation This Christmas

Wrapped Christmas Gift

This year, as you start to make your Christmas shopping list, don’t forget those who dedicate their time to serving your ministry. Whether it is a simple “thank you for everything,” a hand-written note for a job well done or custom swag to rock at the Christmas party – taking a moment to show your support system that you care goes a long way.

We know this time of year can get pretty hectic, so to help, we put together a list of a few easy gift ideas for everyone on your team.

Customized Coffee Mug

The perfect office gift that can be used year-round! Brand your mug with your organization’s logo and slogan or incorporate an empowering bible verse. If you’re looking for something a little more on the festive side, you can’t go wrong with classic holiday icons such as red and white lines (reminiscent of candy canes), a snowman saying something witty or geometric snowflakes with your team’s name.

Custom Group Tees & Apparel

Everyone loves a nice, soft, and comfortable t-shirt they can wear for years to come. Gifts like these mark a special occasion and often bring back fond memories. Give your shirts some attitude by incorporating an inspirational quote or bible verse. Not sure where to start when it comes to designing custom apparel? No worries, we have tons of fully customizable design templates – including winter designs – on our website that make the process a breeze.

Gift Cards or Gift Baskets

Looking for something you can customize specifically for each person on your team? Consider a gift basket or gird card. If you enjoy DIY projects, you may really enjoy piecing together baskets with treats like Christmas cookies and peppermint bark or winter staples like lotion. Gift cards are a great way to say “treat yourself” and can even be added to a basket!

Bagels & Donuts

Surprise your team with breakfast, such as bagels, donuts and coffee. If your team gets together after breakfast hours, you could have lunch delivered or offer a mid-shift snack. Depending on how flexible your team is, a picnic luncheon or dinner party could be a great opportunity to get everyone together to relax and strengthen bonds. If “Secret Santa” is something everyone has agreed on and is excited to partake in, now would be a great time to exchange gifts!

Company Branded Swag

If you love where you work (or volunteer), you will gladly sport company gear and be proud to show it! Appreciation gifts for your team can include company branded tchotchkes including lanyards, key chains, water bottles, magnets, coasters, mouse pads, and of course a good tote or drawstring backpack. The list goes on and on.

Gifts are great, but we also understand that not everyone has it in their budget to purchase gifts this year, and that’s okay! Just remember, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you show your appreciation, what matters is that you took the time to stop and give thanks to those who deserve it.  

If you need help designing swag this holiday season or are looking to add the perfect t-shirt to your Christmas celebration, give us a call at: 1-800-242-9166 – we would love to help!