Fall Swag Your Youth Group Will Love

Ahh, fall. Crisp air, golden leaves, pumpkin spice everything — we love the season, the food, and most importantly, the fact that we can break out our favorite hoodies in public without sweating through our clothes. (The Uth Stuph team is based in Florida, so we get like three “fall days” each year, and we make the most of it!)

We understand that autumnal celebrations have a range. Some of you northerners live the true “Meg Ryan Fall” dream; others of us are somewhere warmer, blasting the A/C and lighting pumpkin spice candles. Regardless of where you fall (ha ha, see what we did there?), we’ve got some swag any group would love to have. 

Pullover Hoodies

We had to start with the icon. Hoodies are so in right now!  We blame the Biebs, honestly.

He was in a hoodie so often that H&M did a custom line with his face on them.

Hoodies are the perfect pairing of functional and comfort. The hood keeps rain or snow out of your hair and face, while the fuzzy lining keeps your body toasty. They’re great to layer over or under other clothes. If you’re a youth group leader, you likely already know that students (particularly middle schoolers) looooooove hoodies. Putting a cool logo or minimalist copy design on a hoodie is a great way to get your messaging out there on an item of clothing your kids will wear.

Full Zip Jackets

We don’t really know when these became slightly less trendy than their pullover counterparts, but we still needed to feature zip hoodies. Not everyone wants to deal with the literal fight some pullovers put up. That’s why full zip hoodies are a great option for those looking for another comfy jacket. Plus, they’re the jacket of choice for multi-billionaires in charge of the internet!

Seriously, this man made zip hoodies a staple for tech tycoons.

Crewneck sweatshirts

Ah, crewnecks. The classic fall staple and, thanks to the resurgence of 90s fashion, crewnecks are back and stronger than ever. We’d like to think The Crown and an uptick in Princess Diana discourse might’ve inspired more women to look like this: 

The oversized crewneck + biker shorts combo is the stuff of comfort dreams. Princess Di will always be a true fashion icon.

Crewnecks are some of the most customizable clothing options around. They’re also great ways to layer a look, and are typically more versatile than their hooded comfy counterparts. 

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