Getting on the Tie Dye Train

In 2020, tie-dye became the unexpected trend to help combat, well, everything from the last year. But fashion gurus predict the tie-dye trend will be here for a while. If you’re looking for ways to make your group shirts stand out from the crowd while embracing a long-standing trend, tie-dye is the way to go! Here are a few things to note before you hop on the tie-dye train: 

Some trends never ‘dye.’ 

Sorry not sorry for the pun, but if you’re looking for a shirt design that won’t go anywhere, tie dye is a safe bet. Tie dye is one of the oldest methods of coloring clothing, but it picked up in popularity with the hippie movement of the late 1960s. From fun DIY projects to hitting major runways, tie dye spans a range of styles and can be incorporated no matter what someone’s personal style might be. 

Rainbow is the way to go. 

When you hear the words “tie dye,” the first visual in your mind is probably a swirling pattern using the full spectrum of colors. The rainbow color scheme is undoubtedly the most common. If you’re looking for clothing that will stand out, the ROYGBIV color scheme is a sure-fire way to make a statement. If you’re looking for group shirts for younger kids, consider using the rainbow. (Plus, it’ll make them easier to spot in a crowd… You can thank us later.)

Add the effect to a limited color palette. 

Is walking around looking like a melted bag of Skittles not your thing? You can apply the tie-dye trend to a smaller color palette! You can even use neutral colors to offset brighter options while still keeping your shirt design fun and youthful. More subdued tie dye effects are great for older students or adults who still want to have fun but not walk around looking like a bunch of melted crayons. 

Use tie dye in accessories. 

The tie dye trend goes well beyond your standard t-shirts. Masks, cell phone accessories, or even promo products can all be spiced up with a splash of tie dye. 

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