Great Ideas for Your Next Mission Trip Shirts

Mission trip shirts are a great way to show team unity and inspire your church to support your goals. These short-term mission trips engage roughly 2 million people each year from the US alone! At Uth Stuph, we love providing mission trip shirts to groups serving locally, regionally, and in other countries. Your stories are always incredible, and the mission trip shirts will hold memories of the entire experience that you’ll cherish for years (or sometimes decades!) to come. Other than the obvious of wearing the mission trip shirts on-site, here are a few tips and ideas to keep in mind for your next mission trip shirt: 

Use them for fundraising

As with most areas of ministry, it never seems like there’s enough money to support your trip. Mission trip shirts are a great tangible “give” for those who donate, and they can also inspire others to donate more (especially if the designs are really, really cool). Plus, when the ministry group is traveling, it can give the people back home a small way to feel connected with the ministry. 

Come up with a goal or catchphrase

Batman, the Avengers, Spider-Man — we’re not saying all groups on a mission need a catchphrase, but they definitely help your group feel more unified! Catchphrases can also show those you’re ministering to what your priorities are and make it easier to connect. They can be simple or fun, but we recommend testing out the phrase in communities beyond your immediate travel group. (A note from our team: Be extra cautious if you’re going overseas to serve! The last thing you want is for an American-ism to offend the people you’re serving.)

Play it safe with you mission group shirts

No matter if you’re serving in the next state over or going to another country, avoid putting your group’s home location on your shirts. Always play it safe and keep personal info (even seemingly harmless info) off your group shirts. If you’re serving in another place, the goal is to draw attention to your ministry rather than to you being “not from around these parts.” 

Emphasize eye-catching design

If you’re not interested in quippy phrases, try a unique design. We have plenty that you can customize for your ministry group on our website. Or, if you don’t see something you love, give us a shout and we can help design something for you!

At Uth Stuph, we love seeing how a mission trip shirt can go down the street, across the state, and around the world. For more information on how we can make your mission trip shirts special, let’s get you a quote.