How Group Shirts Can Help Put Your Kids (And Newbies!) At Ease for Baptisms

Baptism — in the life of any church-going and Jesus-loving person, it’s a BIG deal. You’ve had all sorts of conversations with pastor after pastor. You’ve told your family or friends or church fam about your decision to get baptized. 

It’s a WHOOOOLE thing. It’s a great thing but it can be overwhelming! An easy way to help people no matter their age feel more comfortable throughout the process is as simple as a group shirt. 

(Yeah… we went there.) Wait! Before you roll your eyes and go back to watching more TikToks to keep up with your kids, hear us out. 

Unity is in the T

Matching shirts can create a sense of unity and belonging, which can be especially important for children who may feel nervous or uncertain about the ceremony. When everyone is dressed alike, it gives the child a visual cue that they are part of a group and that they belong. This can help them feel more secure and less self-conscious, which can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

What to keep in mind for your baptism shirts

Like with any shirt, material and comfort are key. Kids love to play around in their clothes, so pick a material that’s soft to the touch. (We’ve got a few of those ultra-soft options available!) We also recommend faster drying material. No one wants to hang around in soggy clothing for too long. 

Design is the other piece to the custom baptism design puzzle. You obviously want it to be memorable BUT also in line with the rest of the church. Consider something simple that uses the church’s colors or font but with separate phrasing about baptism. You can even put some scripture on there if your leadership team have favorites they lean on during baptisms. Looking for some ideas? Click here to see what a few other churches have used in the past: Our Baptism Shirts

And so, as we wrap up another fantastic UTHTalk, we want to summarize by saying that group shirts of any kind help people feel more at ease. They’re not stressing about whether their clothes will be worthy enough to wear for a baptism. They also don’t have to sweat it when their clothes get wet. That sense of comfort can go a long way in building up great relationships between the congregation, new members and the staff. If you want some baptism shirts, give us a call. (You all know the drill by now. Click here for the free quote.)

Now please enjoy one of the greatest baptisms of all time as a treat for making it this far: