How to Pick The Best Winter Shirts for Your Youth Group or Ministry

Did you know that soft shirts come in several weights? Shirts are made up of many different blends too! Read our blog to find out which type of shirt is perfect for your youth group this winter.

The Different Weights of T-Shirts

When picking out a soft shirt for your group, it’s not just about the T-shirt’s color and design that you should think of. Although these things are an important part of the process, something else you should also consider is the shirt’s weight.

Do you know that your T-shirt’s weight can affect your comfort? A standard T-shirt’s weight is around 5 oz. A T-shirt’s weight ranges from very lightweight (around 3.5 oz) to heavyweight (anywhere between 6 oz – 7 oz).

When getting ready to order your shirts, ask yourself this question: Where will the event take place where these shirts will be worn?

For cooler temperature zones, consider a heavier shirt. If you are looking to save money for a tighter budget, go with lightweight. With lightweight shirts, your youth group may want to pair it with a jacket or a sweater if the weather calls for it.

The Different Fabric Types

There are many different fabric types to consider when choosing the right shirt for your youth group.

  • 100% Cotton

100% Cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to use when screen-printing. If you’re worried about which fabric holds ink the best, go with 100% cotton. You may prefer a traditional cotton shirt if you are in a cooler climate, as cotton shirts keep the heat in best. 100% cotton is a natural fabric that will feel great against your skin.

  • 50/50 Cotton Polyester Blend

Unlike cotton, polyester is a synthetic fabric that can offer other qualities that cotton does not have. It’s more flexible, although not as breathable as cotton. It’s also more cost effective than 100% cotton, and prevents the fabric from shrinking. If you want the best of both worlds, go with the 50/50 blend. This blend gives you the softness and breathable fabric of cotton and the strength and flexibility of polyester.

  • Tri-Blends

So what exactly is a Tri-Blend shirt? Well, just as the name suggests, Tri-blend is a mixture of three different fabrics. Tri-Blend shirts are made of 25% cotton, 25% rayon and 50% polyester. There is a slight color difference when comparing 100% cotton shirts with Tri-blend shirts. Many people find Tri-Blends versatile and comfortable. If you are looking for the softest shirt (on the planet), go with Tri-Blend.

Long Sleeve vs. Short Sleeve

When it comes to sleeve length, the weather is not the only thing that should come to mind when picking the clear winner. Short sleeves have a greater color assortment, where longer sleeves come with a reduced color selection. It is also more expensive to get longer sleeves. Long sleeves tend to stretch out on thinner shirts too, (which may or may not drive you crazy).

Whether you go with heavyweight or lightweight, 100% cotton or Tri-Blend, long or short sleeved, here at Uth Stuph we are would be delighted to help you choose the best shirt for your youth group this winter.

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