Picking the Right Statement for Your Statement Shirt

Clothing speaks — and if you’re in the shirt business, you know that t-shirts give people a literal opportunity to make a statement. Text-heavy shirts have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and we’re not expecting the trend to die out. 

Keep it short-ish.

Brevity is everything with a statement tee. Say what you need to say in as few words as possible. Why? Because 1) no one will spend time reading a full paragraph of text on your shirt and 2) the shorter a statement, the more memorable it is. Short sentences and phrases go a lot further than their lengthier counterparts.

Play it smart with inside jokes. 

Middle school group leaders know — inside jokes come and go faster than most kids change their socks. Your students might want to see a phrase that sends them into stitches now. However, what’s funny to your group might not make sense to others. Even worse, out of context, an inside joke might not land appropriately when your group is out in public. (And if you’re a group leader who needs help with the shirt process period, we put together this handy FAQ for getting started!)

Think about longevity. 

If you’re looking for a group shirt design you can rely on (with a few modifications to color) each year, then slapping the latest TikTok joke in the design will probably make you cringe down the road. Or you’ll look like that group leader who tries to be cool but the jokes don’t land. Remember, your group will be wearing these shirts for years to come.

Do not be the Steve Buscemi of youth group leaders. (Sorry, Steve.)

When you’re picking a slogan or phrase, go for something that speaks to your group. Our go-to recommendation is including a tagline or short mission statement. If you’re a corporate group, keep it traditional. That doesn’t mean your design has to be boring! With the right colors, font, and design, you can transform your company’s decades-old slogan into a shirt that feels fresh and modern. 

At Uth Stuph, we love helping groups pair the right statement with the best design for a memorable shirt. That’s why we created a portfolio of text-based shirt designs to make it easy for groups to get started! Have another idea in mind? Tell us your concept and get a quote