Summer Swag Ideas that Aren’t Just Cool T-Shirts

When it comes to summer swag, the first thing that pops into mind is usually a cool t-shirt. But hey, why stop there? At Uth Stuph, we know there’s a whole world of awesome swag that can make your group stand out at events, camps, and gatherings. Let’s dive into some fresh ideas that go beyond the classic tee!

Bucket Hats: The Ultimate Shade Provider 

Bucket hats are making a major comeback with Gen Z and Gen Alpha, and for good reason. They’re not just trendy but also super practical. Whether your group is heading to a sunny beach outing or a community service project, bucket hats keep everyone shaded and stylish. Or if you’re one of our many Florida-area churches, they’re just good to help your student stay cool in the Florida heat. Plus, they’re a great canvas for your group’s logo or a fun summer design. The wide brim and floppy look give ample opportunities for customization and personalization for your group. 

Beach Towels: Your Personal Comfy Canvas 

Picture this: a sunny day at the beach or the pool, and everyone is lounging on their custom beach towels. These aren’t just any towels. They’re vibrant, plush, and showcase your group’s personality. Beach towels are fantastic for making a big splash at events and are a useful keepsake everyone will appreciate. We recommend using beach towels for giveaways or prizes for your events. For example, Space Coast Marathon in Florida famously gives out a custom beach towel to marathon finishers that has the logo for the year! It’s a great way to help runners dry off and is often more exciting than the medal itself. 

Tote Bags: Carry All the Good Vibes 

Tote bags are a versatile and eco-friendly option for summer swag. They’re perfect for carrying books, snacks, sunscreen, and more. Because of their versatility and usefulness, a cute tote bag can be one of the most held-on-to items anyone can get. Customize them with your group’s name and a catchy slogan, and you’ve got a practical item that’s perfect for everything from day trips to grocery runs.

Water Bottles: Hydrate in Style 

Staying hydrated is a must, especially during those hot summer days. In the words of the internet: “Stay hydrated, you overgrown plant!”

Customized water bottles are not only functional but also a great way to promote your group. Choose from sleek stainless steel bottles, fun infuser bottles for fruity drinks, or classic sports bottles. Each sip will remind your group of the fun times they’ve shared.

Sunglasses: Eye Protection with Pizzazz 

Who doesn’t love a cool pair of shades? Sunglasses are a hit at any summer event. They protect your eyes and add a fun flair to your outfit. Get them in bright colors, with UV protection, and your group’s logo on the arm. They’re perfect for outdoor festivals, beach days, or just hanging out in the sun.

Frisbees: Fun on the Fly

For a bit of active fun, customized frisbees & flyers are a fantastic choice. They’re great for games at the park, beach, or even the backyard. Plus, every time someone tosses one around, your group’s name gets some airtime. It’s a playful and engaging way to keep the energy high at your events.

Picnic Blankets: Cozy and Convenient 

Picnic blankets are another excellent option for group swag. They’re perfect for outdoor concerts, camping trips, or just a cozy spot for a group hangout. With a waterproof backing and your group’s design on the front, these blankets are both practical and eye-catching.

Portable Fans: Keep Cool Anywhere

Beat the heat with portable fans. Again, these are items that won’t hit the trash pile anytime soon; people looking to stay cool will hang on to branded portable fans. These little lifesavers can be customized with your group’s logo and come in handy during those sweltering summer days. Whether battery-operated or rechargeable, portable fans are a cool way to keep everyone comfortable.

So, the next time you’re planning swag for your summer events, think outside the t-shirt. From bucket hats to portable fans, there are plenty of ways to keep your group looking sharp and feeling cool. At Uth Stuph, we’re all about helping you find the perfect swag that makes your group shine. Get a free quote from our team or give us a call at 800-242-9166.