The 90s are Back! – Unpacking the Style

Remember a few years ago when the 80s seemed to come back in fashion? Life moves fast, and trends move faster. We’re already into the 1990s as a throwback trend. (And that might be a shock for those of us who lived through the decade. It still feels like 10 years ago… not 30 years ago.) Choker necklaces, jelly shoes, oversized shirts, slip dresses and low-rise denim — it’s all coming back, for better or worse. 

(The irony? The kids who want to dress like this probably have no idea what show this is.)

If your group is the type wanting to be on trend and not “cheugy” (which is apparently a word that the youths of today use to define people trying too hard), here are ways to include 90s trends in your custom clothing: 

Animal print

Scary Spice vibes are back and setting the bar for fashion. Animal prints like cheetah, leopard, and tiger stripes are making their way onto dresses, shirts, sports apparel, and more. Sure, animal prints can typically be found in any era of accessories, but younger generations are going bolder. Consider spicing things up by adding the wild side to your next group shirt. (This is especially fun if your group is on the younger side!)

Light pink

No, not PeptoBismol pink (which we don’t think will ever be in fashion), but blush colors are all the rage. Pair a light pink shirt with white or light text and you have a monochromatic hit on your hands for your next custom shirt. And yes, for the millionth time, men can rock pink.

(Terry Crews could benchpress the entire Uth Stuph staff in one go, and he wears pink. Just sayin…)

Bucket hats

Bye bye, trucker hats. Welcome back, bucket hats. These were divisive even in the 90s. Either you loved them or hated them, but there’s no question they’re back. If your group wants a fun way to stand out from the rest, bucket hats would be an easy (and decently functional way) to stay on trend. At Uth Stuph, you can pick a variety of colors and customize them with your group’s name, logo, or slogan. 

Colored sunglasses

Thin sunglasses with colored frames were staple fashion items on 90s TV and film. From Phoebe’s tinted shades to the thin oval sunglasses of Julia Roberts’s films, sunglasses of any color spiced up nearly every outfit of the 90s. If you’re looking for a fun bit of nostalgia for your group, try custom colored sunglasses!

Tie Dye

Whether you were into grunge or bubblegum pop, there’s a big chance you owned at least one tie dye shirt in the 90s. It was the pattern that everyone could agree on. We wrote an entire blog about how and why you should hop on the tie dye train. But if you still need convincing, just know that not all tie dye trends involve the loud rainbow coloring of the 70s. The 90s tie dye (what we’re seeing more of) is a monochrome tie dye look. 

We’re not claiming to be fashion experts, but we’ll bring your group’s vision of fashion to life! From summer camp t-shirts to winter retreat hoodies, Uth Stuph can give groups of any size memorable — and stylish — shirts to commemorate an event. Have a unique vision in mind? Tell us your concept and get a quote