Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Your Own T-Shirt Sales

So, you want to start selling your own t-shirts…

Maybe you’re a summer camp looking to make awesome swag for your campers to take home. Maybe you’re looking for a reliable way to get your Etsy t-shirt shop off the ground. Maybe you’re a band that wants to sell the best concert shirts your fans have ever seen. Regardless of the reason, you need a reliable t-shirt printing partner to make those dreams a reality. 

There’s a lot to unpack in the t-shirt sales and swag sales space. But wait! Don’t go it alone! Take this list of considerations with you when looking for a printing partner:

Vast Printing Options

One of the primary advantages of partnering with a t-shirt printing company like Uth Stuph is the wide array of printing options available. From screen printing and heat transfer to direct-to-garment (DTG) printing and embroidery, these companies offer a smorgasbord of techniques to bring your designs to life. (Yes, we love these techniques so much we just dropped a 10 cent word right there. We mean business.) Each method we offer has its own unique qualities. Our team can help you to choose the best option that aligns with your design style, budget, and desired result.

Quality Materials and Expertise

We’ve been in the printed goods business for 25+ years. We’ve seen it all. One of the perks to being “old” (we’d say experienced) is that we invest in quality products. We’ve got access to top-quality fabrics and materials — something that you want to prioritize when looking for a printing partner. You don’t want customers loving your design but hating the t-shirt quality. Our expertise also means that we make sure what’s on the shirt looks like its original design. 

Streamlined Production Process

Look for a printing partner that does more than just shirts, especially if you want to put your designs on a wider storefront. This allows you to streamline your production process and focus on the creative side. Once you give the design files, your print partner takes care of everything else. You can work on more designs, art, marketing and sales!

Customization and Personalization

T-shirt printing companies often enable you to customize and personalize options for your customers. Whether it’s adding names, dates, or unique messages, they can easily accommodate requests. Not only does this make it easier for you but your customers will LOVE it. 

Using a t-shirt printing partner like Uth Stuph can help you bring your designs (and storefront) to life! So, let your creativity flow, partner with a reliable printing company, and embark on an exciting journey of selling custom-designed shirts to a diverse and appreciative market. We’ve got the tools to get you to the finish line! Get started with a free quote from our team.