Top 5 Fall Event Ideas for Your Youth Group

There is more to fall than the cool, crisp air and the beautiful colors of the leaves. Fall is a great season to welcome the community and have outreach events. If your youth group or church is running out of ideas of what to do this fall, here is our list of top 5 events to do this fall! These events can be an alternative to a fall festival:

  1. Praise Concert.

Planning a concert can be hard work, and you will need team effort on this event, for sure! What better way for an outreach event than to have a praise concert? People in the community and around the neighborhood would love a night out to listen to some good music (and learn about your church in the process). Where can you find the talent for this event you may be asking? Well, have you considered looking right under your nose? There are plenty of youth who are musically talented right there in your audience! Have a get together with the kids and youth who would love to play an instrument or sing a song for Jesus. Cue up the program, and have them dress in their finest attire. Maestro, please!

  1. Book Fair

Sometimes, fall nights can feel more like winter with the cold chill in the air. Reading is an activity all ages can enjoy when looking for an indoor activity. This fall, a great fall event to do is a book fair! This can either be selling books to fundraise for your Youth Group, or maybe hosting a “swap” get together, where people bring books to donate or trade. Another idea is to start a book club to encourage inclusion and participation of your youth in church. Perhaps meet once every week to read devotionals that are written specifically for your group.

  1. Family Movie Night

Depending on the weather, you can host a drive-through or inside movie night. If you don’t have a wide screen TV, get creative with projectors on a large screen, white wall, or even a large sheet outside! Families can either watch the movie from their cars, or bring blankets to watch on the grass with their friends. There are plenty of family-friendly movies that both children and parents love! Fall events aren’t complete without some fall foods, such as these favorites that include: popcorn, smores (bonfire anyone?), warm apple pies, and Hot Cocoa!

  1. Breakfast Bash

Speaking of food, one of the best ways to have a successful fall event is to host something where food is involved! Get the community involved by hosting a breakfast bash or fall lunch potluck open for your neighborhood to attend. Handing out warm, fluffy pancakes and coffee is the perfect introduction to talk about Jesus and share personal testimonies on how He has impacted your life. Another idea you could do is to collect donated items from church and take the youth to a local homeless shelter to host a fall dinner with them to partake.

  1. Football Game

Sociable Sport games are great fall events for your church since they are suitable for all ages! Bring your fold out chairs and your cozy blankets to cheer on the teams as they meet up for a friendly battle of “fall football.” Safer versions can be flag football, soccer, or maybe even basketball! Whatever the sport may be, there is nothing better than encouraging your team and shouting from the sidelines, GO TEAM! Invite local youths to play and be a part of the game. Introduce Jesus to visitors by showing great sportsmanship conduct, and cheerfulness whether you win or lose.

We hope these ideas help you plan your next successful fall event to get the youth and community involved in your growing church. If you need custom shirts for any event you may be hosting, give us a call at 800-242-9166.  We would love to help!