Your Fall Trend Guide 2023 Edition

As a Florida-based company, we always get weird looks when we say we’re excited for fall. Let us dream, okay? And even though it can be 85+ degrees on October weekends, we can still keep in touch with our favorite fall trends. Here’s what we’re seeing throughout fall designs and beyond:

Pumpkin spice everything

We’re going to take a second to thank Gen Z for this one really fast. The “let people like what they like” discourse means that unironically enjoying pumpkin spice-flavored coffee is back on trend. Pumpkin spice is cool again, y’all! 

There’s also been an uptick in pumpkin decor, specifically with a rise in velvet pumpkins or painted pumpkins. Grab those pumpkin candles, get your pumpkin sweet cream cold brew, and enjoy! 

Cozy vibes

Like we said, just because we live in Florida (aka the surface of the sun) doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the cozy vibe trend throughout the country. Long sleeve shirts with writing up the arm, soft hoodies and sweatpants sets, beanies, and crewnecks continue to dominate fall fashion trends. A lot of these have a minimalist design; most people are still doing hybrid working or working from home, where comfort is paramount. 

Mugs galore

Holiday mugs have been trendy for years, so there’s no shock they’re back in the public eye this fall. Rather than the oversized mugs of previous years, we’re seeing a move to transparent mugs with nice designs or ceramic-looking mugs. 

Oversized Text Prints

We’re not sure where this started. If we had to guess, some TikTok performer started wearing a shirt with oversized text in a contrasting font and Gen Z ate it up. Everywhere we turn, we’re seeing a ton of t-shirts with streamlined messaging, oversized fonts (often on the back) and a simple (or even blank) front. This is one of those trends that we didn’t see a lot of this summer, so we’re chalking it up to fall vibes that might carry over into winter. 

Unexpected Colors

Hear us out — while we might think of rusty orange as the go-to color for fall, the world of fashion is telling us something slightly different. Sure, we’ve retired the “Barbie pink” from this summer, but we’re not going straight into a muted color palette. When you’re aiming to stay on trend, try to opt for a bright red, dove gray, frosty blues or even lavenders. 

Minimal patterns

Remember a few years ago when everything was large plaid patterns for fall? You couldn’t look more than 50 feet in a Walmart or Home Goods without seeing plaid table runners, plaid napkins, plaid pumpkins. Thankfully, the era of big print seems to have run its course. We’re seeing minimalist designs throughout fall — including print shirt designs! It looks like the current trend is to let the statement colors we talked about above speak for themselves rather than combine them with a heavy pattern. We’ve got some fall patterns you can check out on our website

“Aren’t you guys a t-shirt company…?” Yes, we are. Because we’ve been around for over 25 years as a successful group t-shirt company, we’ve had to keep up with the trends each season to give our customers the freshest designs around. If you’re looking for design inspo or help getting fall shirts together for your next event this season, get a quote from us