Top Reasons Why You Need to Order New Custom Tees

Custom tees for youth groups

When Your Group Needs New Custom Tees, “Pretty Please” Isn’t Enough…

Alright. This is it, the moment of truth. It’s your turn to speak at the church meeting, and you’re dying to  bring up the subject you’ve all been whispering about:

“Can we…um, PRETTY PLEASE get new tees?”

The youth pastor is asking why they should get your group new custom tees this season, when the budget is already tight.

Inhale, exhale.

Your voice is shaky, but you feel confident because you start off your speech with how Uth Stuph can help you stay within your budget while still providing quality, soft tees.

You explain how Uth Stuph runs specials all the time, and with a quick call or message, you can see how much you can save.

Your argument for new custom tees seems to be working, as everyone in the room is slowly nodding in agreement.

Just before you shake hands on the new deal, you sprinkle in your favorite reasons to get custom tees.

Need ideas?

We asked a group of elementary and middle schoolers for their top reasons to order new custom tees, and their responses were hilariously priceless:

custom tees saves you from aliens

Aliens won’t recognize you, so you can’t get abducted!

“With new custom tees, aliens won’t abduct you because they will be so mesmerized by your design, they’ll forget all about their mission to abduct you.” -Ella, age 12

Listen. We all know aliens exist, and the people that tell you different, are obviously hiding something.

You can’t be a couch potato with that amazing tee!

“You’ll definitely want to go outside to show off your new T-shirt, so being a couch potato just ain’t gonna happen!” -Kai, age 8

Walk around the block, wear it every weekend, or at your next church event. Wherever you choose to wear your new tee, it definitely won’t be on the couch!

custom tees saves you from potatoes
custom tees saves you from pirates

Escape from Pirates! Am I rrrrrright?

“You can even escape from pirates by trading your amazing new custom shirt for your freedom!” -Jay, age 10

Pirates are known for their no-nonsense attitude. But if you are ever captured by a pirate ship, make sure you show them your amazing new custom tee – maybe more valuable than pearls and diamonds? No? Okay, worth a shot.

Catch Some Zzzzzzz’s!

“Hmmm, so you say these tees are soft. So soft in fact, I wonder if you can you sleep in ’em?” – Kai, age 8

You know those stiff, uncomfortable work or church shirts that you are itching to get out of? Well, your new custom tees from Uth Stuph are so soft you can have nap time anywhere. (Maybe not in the middle of a sermon during church service, but you get the picture.)

custom tees saves you from naps
custom tees saves you from astronauts

Out of This World Tees


“Oh, I got it. Your shirt is so dazzling, astronauts will see it from outer space.” -Jay, age 10

Seriously, we can ask Elon Musk when he finally takes people to the moon if he can see your new custom tee from outer space.

Stop the Ice-Cream Truck with Your New Custom Tee

“Free ice cream from the ice cream truck because your shirt just ROCKS.” -Kai, age 8

Free ice cream? Possibly. Maybe. Okay, no. But if you take off your shirt and wave it vigorously, I’m sure you will be able to flag them down. Make sure you have money though, because saying, “Uth Stuph said it’s free because of my new custom tee” might not cut it… 

custom tees saves you from icecream money
custom tees saves you from germs

Pandemic, Who?

“Never get sick again because your shirt is too cool for germs.” -Ella, age 12

Okay, we legally have to say this is a joke, but you will still look cool with a new custom tee that you are so proud to wear, even with a runny nose. Let’s continue to wash hands though, mkay?

Get Yourself Out of a Speeding Ticket

“I’m sure you could distract a cop with your amazing T-shirt. Maybe even talk yourself out of a speeding ticket.” – Jay, age 8

Get out of a speeding ticket, because it’s not your fault your shirt is so fly. (See what we did there?) Who knows,  the cop may need a new custom tee, too? With our constant specials to stay within your budget, maybe you’ll get off with just a warning!

custom tees saves you from cops