5 Biggest Problems Youth Leaders Face When Ordering Shirts

5 Biggest Problems Youth Leaders Face When Ordering Shirts

When it comes to ordering custom t-shirts, find out why Youth leaders all over the globe consider Uth Stuph their #1 problem solver. Here are the 5 biggest problems Youth Leaders face and our helpful answers.

1. Will our group actually wear their shirts?

We only use great quality shirts that are soft and comfortable. We have talented artists on our team that know how to create relevant designs, taking your ideas and bringing them to life. With over 1,000 templates on our website, you can easily customize them for your group or event. We understand youth ministry and will help you create a t-shirt that your group will wear for years to come.


2. Will the shirts be delivered on time?

Have you ever received your custom shirts the day after your event? Yeah, that’s not good! Here at Uth Stuph we offer printing and shipping of your apparel within 72 hours once we receive art approval and shirt sizes. We ship nationally throughout the United States. Trust us to get your custom T-shirts delivered on time, wherever you may be!


3. I’m on a tight budget; can you still give me what I want?

With so many options, we can always find a way to work with your budget. We have economy designs that include art and set-ups, and know ways to save money for you. You can call or text 407-581-1240 to see what we can do for you.


4. Is it difficult to order custom shirts?

We believe ordering custom shirts should be simple, fun, and easy. You’ll have a personal relationship manager assigned to your project and an artist who will walk you through the process. Once your artwork is created, our online art approval system makes finalizing your design a piece of cake.


5. What if it’s not what I wanted?

Here at Uth Stuph, we strive to be the best in design and production when it comes to your custom shirts. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that your T-shirts will be exactly what you approved online or your money back. If you have an event that needs custom shirts, we’ll be happy to assist you. Chat with us now or email sales@stuphclothing.com to get started.