Breast Cancer Awareness: Event Ideas

This October, you may be seeing a lot more pink than usual, and that is because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s an international health campaign to help educate people about breast cancer awareness and the importance of getting screened, tested, and treated. Here are 5 ways you can make a difference in your community by holding a fundraiser or an awareness event:

1. Host a Multi-Family Yard Sale

What better way to have a Fundraiser, than to have a multi-family yard sale? Get everyone involved and excited about hitting a certain financial goal by the end of the day. Yard sale locations can be at a school or church parking lot (if you have permission). Make it really pop by using pink tablecloths or pinning pink ribbons to each member participating. The proceeds can go towards breast cancer and the continued research to help find a cause and prevention.

2. “Pink” Car Wash Fundraiser

Another breast cancer awareness event that your youth group can participate in is a “Pink” car wash. Have everyone wear as much pink as they can: pink shirts, pink socks, pink hats, whatever you got! Other things to think about in order to draw as much attention as possible to your car wash, is to make huge, flashy (pink?) signs that clearly state your mission.

3. Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Food Party

If your idea is to raise awareness and not have a fundraiser, you might want to think about hosting a pink party! The challenge given to your guests can be to bring pink food items. Do research about breast cancer and give a presentation (or have a designated speaker) educate your guests on the signs of breast cancer, symptoms, and how to do a breast exam. You can even have a quiz at the end of the presentation to see who was listening, with some prizes.

4. Pink Wednesday’s

nother thing you can do to raise awareness can be designating a Pink Wednesday (or your day of choice). On this day, everyone wears as much pink as they can. Having a group dress together in the same color will definitely stand out and make a statement, whether you are at work, church, or school. You can even make group shirts with your team name on it to really unify the team for this breast cancer awareness cause.

5. Organize a Walk

Many different breast cancer charities host a walk or run to raise money in October for Breast Cancer Awareness. If you and your group would like to do this, organize a walk for your community! Get your family and friends involved, whether they join in on the walk itself, or sponsor a participant, people love to give back any way they can. You can sell items such as shirts or water bottles to really bring in the dough.

Here at Uth Stuph, we care about you and your family’s health and believe Breast Cancer Awareness month is an excellent opportunity to partake in getting the word out to check, test, and fight breast cancer. If you are in need of custom shirts for your fundraiser or event, we can help you design your own custom shirts. Call or text 407-581-1240 to speak with our friendly team to start designing your shirt today!