Top Ten Customizable Items for Your Youth Group

Whether you are looking for a specific item or browsing for ideas, Uth Stuph can be your one-stop shop for everything customizable. Although we are well known for our modern, comfy, and epic custom tees, we also provide an array of different things you can customize for your next big event.

If you are wondering what things you can do this year to spruce it up (other than custom T-Shirts), continue reading to see what items made it on our Top 10 list for your Youth Group:

1. Dad Hat

What is everyone into lately? Full acceptance in the loveable “Dad bods”, “Dad Jokes”, and now, “Dad hats.” To put it simply, a dad hat is a baseball cap that has a slight curve instead of a flat brim. The material of the cap tends to be a softer cotton or canvas, and the comfortable fitted hat is credited to not having a snapback. See here for more stylish dad hats.

2. Phone grips

Because the world is living in their phones these days, phone grips are a great way to stay relevant with the younger crowd. These strong grips stick to the back of your smartphone, allowing you to browse social media, text your family and friends, and take better pictures with ease. Those of us from an earlier generation appreciate how phone grips alleviate the strain on our hands when holding our phones for long periods of time. Shop for neat phone grips and get ideas on how to customize them here.

3. Sunglasses

Kissing winter goodbye, expect to see more sunny days! Although wearing sunglasses is equally important to wear even when you think the sun is not out, summer is the perfect occasion to have customizable sunglasses for your youth group. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, while being fashionable at the same time. Sunglasses come in a variety of different materials, tones and colors too! You can pic the style that better matches your brand and theme. Browse different sunglasses here.

4. Drinkware: Water bottles & mugs

Ok, we all have that ONE person that can’t go anywhere without their cup of coffee or water bottle. Not only does drinkware provide longevity (since users can use it over and over again), but because drinkware is such a huge necessity these days, you can give your youth group something they will actually use. Depending on your price point, you can get anything from plastic water bottles, tumblers, stainless steel cups, to mugs of all shapes and sizes. When ordering drinkware, also keep in mind your branding as you will want your team colors to be in consistent with your custom products. Check out all drinkware here.

5. Flying Discs

Flying discs and Frisbees are a huge hit for outdoor activities. Frisbees are versatile because you can take them anywhere: a park, beach, campsite or even in your own church parking lot! Encouraging outdoor activities is both fun and engaging. Frisbees come in different sizes, so make sure you order the one that will fit your youth group best. A logo would look fantastic on the top of your customized Frisbee. Look at these options for flying discs here.

6. Bags

Bags are an awesome customizable item for youth groups because we all have so much junk we like to take with us on outings. This item that made out “Top Ten List” is another longevity product that can be used multiple times…for years even! Commemorate something special with custom printed bags such as personalized backpacks, coolers, fanny packs, drawstrings and tote bags. Browse a variety of different products for bags here.

7. Custom socks

Getting unique socks for your youth group is a great gift. It will make not only them happy, but their TOES giddy as well. Socks can be warm and fuzzy with amazing bright and colorful patterns. They are an easy fit, as they are more likely to be a “one size fits all” between people with different shoe sizes. You can express a lot with the socks custom design. Here is your chance to use humor, an inspirational quote, or your group’s logo to represent what you believe in. See these fun socks for more ideas.

8. Portable chargers

Another hot item on our list, are custom portable chargers. As more apps and games continue to be used on our smartphones, our battery is dying and it seems like the day has just begun. Portable chargers are a great gift for youth groups who seem to be always running low on charge! Depending on the style you get, these power banks can be relatively small and can fit in your pocket with ease. Shop this selection of power banks to see more unique designs.

9. Stationery

Stationery makes great gifts for people of all ages. Customize things such as journals, notebooks, pens and more! In a digital world, there is something about the tangible notebook and pencil that people love to write and take notes on. Planners are also a great custom item that you can even include church activities on to keep everyone up to date and in the loop. Check out more stationery items here.

10. Towels

Last but not least, towels have made it to our “Top 10” list. Towels are great items to customize as they can be used for camp, swimming, over night stays, etc. Cooling towels can keep your group chill in those upcoming hot summer days. Customize towels with your logo, a design, or bible verse. See all different sizes depending on you need for a custom towel here.

If any of these items sound like a fantastic idea for your youth group, give us a call today and talk to one of our friendly representatives at 1-800- 242- 9166. We would love to help you order and customize your item today! Don’t forget to browse through our customizable templates online to see if any of them would be a great fit for your youth group!