5 Easy Tips to Rebrand Your Youth Ministry This Summer

Rebrabd your ministry this summer!

Having a youth ministry at your church is a great outreach program to involve surrounding community kids and your church youth. Youth ministries keep the group busy with the wonderful works of Jesus. If you already have a youth ministry, and are thinking about rebranding to add some extra “Umph!” this summer, now is the perfect time to do so. Kids are out of school and may have extra time on their hands to contribute and help out too. Continue reading below for 5 easy tips to rebrand your Youth Ministry into something exciting!

New Name

A lot of ministries find naming their group to be a real challenge. If your current ministry has a name that doesn’t reflect who you are, don’t worry! Get the team (and even youngsters) involved and see what things are important to them. In some cases, a name will introduce you before your presence will, so make sure it’s a name that is indicative of your values and mission. Brainstorm together and think why your current name doesn’t work. Is it outdated and no longer applies? Perhaps it’s too long and people are having a hard time remembering it. Always remember to think about social media when you are picking a name- has the name already been taken? What about a website, are you able to get a domain name if you need one? Think all these through before making anything permanent.

New Tagline

While thinking of a new name, maybe it’s time to give your tagline a makeover too? A tagline is a catchphrase that helps emphasize your ministry’s mission or purpose.  Taglines help you create a great impression. Creating a memorable and positive message will really help your ministry stand out at events. For your new tagline, get creative. Ask a question to help people think about it, or give a statement to communicate your purpose clearly. This tagline should match nicely with your new name and compliment one another.

New Logo

Now that you have a new name and a brand new tagline to clearly define your mission- let’s talk about creating a new logo! Your logo will be the visual representation of who you are and what you represent.  You can hire a local agency to help digitize a design for you (depending on your budget), or even have someone volunteer if they would like to use their artistic talent for God. If you get custom items made for your youth group or ministry, artwork is sometimes included in the service. For example, here at UthStuph, we have an in-house art department that creates designs from scratch. If you see our template design, we can customize it with your name and colors. You can even tell us your own idea for us to create. Browse some templates here.

Artwork You Can Use…Everywhere!

As mentioned above, we have an in-house art department here at Uth Stuph. Not only do our designers illustrate logos, but they can also work with you one-on-one to create something that is inline with your brand. Now here is the best part: the artwork designed when you place an order with us is provided with your order. This means you can continue to use it for any purpose you may have, such as marketing needs for your student group or youth ministry. Using the same logo and colors helps you stay consistent, helping people recognize and remember your group. Read more about that here.

New Custom Products

With a new name, tagline, logo, and artwork, put it all to good use buy getting custom products! Some youth ministries order custom youth group T-shirts to represent their group in a unified manner. If you have a store or camp and you need ideas on what to customize for your youth group, check out our latest blog post to give you some suggestions. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-242-9166 or email us at sales@stuphclothing.com and let us know how we can help!